Science Experiment

Science Experiment 

During LCS, we were learning about hypotheses and experimenting  and this one experiment was great I’ll teach you what we did :

Equipment :


Lighter, Matches/ Stick

Plate any size


Food Color – optional


Marker – optional 

Hypothesis :

My prediction was that the water would start rising but the only thing that I couldn’t tell was why it would rise up.

Method : 

  1. First you grab the plate and place it on a flat surface, after doing that you will need to grab your lighter or match/stick.
  2. After gathering those together you will need a candle and place it on the plate ( if you only have a birthday plate just light the bottom and then place it on the plate ).
  3. Thirdly, after placing the candle on the plate gently pour some water onto your plate and make sure it’s not too high ( place the water gently because if you do it too fast it may make your birthday candle fall down ).
  4. This will be the last step for you using your lighter, match/stick, all you will need to do is just to light the top of the candle carefully before you burn your fingers or hand.
  5. Finally the last step is that you should place the cup over he candle and make sure just sit back and enjoy to see what happens ( if you would like to mark how high the water level went from the start then grab the marker and do it ! )

To my guess I got it right but I just couldn’t explain why it was rising.

What Happened :

When you place the cup over the candle you’ll start to see the fire go out because there is not that much air for the candle to operate so when it goes out the water starts to rise.

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