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Come Back

Here is my second blog of the writing this one is truly one of my favourite writing. Just click on the link to view my writing but on my other post you could just read it I really tried on this writing and all of the other quick writes. Quick wirtes have really been amazing to me and making me like writing more than reading. Please enjoy my writing and have a great day.

Come Back

Was this a dream?

A week ago I was waiting for my blog to start working so that I could post this writing on I will be posting a few today so I hope you enjoy. This writing I really enjoyed with the rest of the writing that I am going to be blogging today. I hope you enjoy this writing piece that I have made.

Was this a Dream

A mystical evening with not a single person to be spotted, I was roaming in the forest at night with a glimpse of light so I carried on walking towards that light. When I had arrived I had seen this mysterious  tree that had terrified me but to my interests I saw this light in the middle like the tree was alive and in the middle was its heart. I reached in to grab it but then the light of heart started to fade away and it turned black with stars popping out from the twigs like they were flowers. I could feel something coming from under ground so I followed my gut and jumped into the bush with a dreamingly surprise. It was a wizard saying a bunch of words which I think was his spell and then the heart of the tree started to light up and the stars started vanishing. I would’ve taken a photo but my Phone was dying and I needed it to uber myself home.


The next morning I woke up, charged my phone, had breakfast and went back to the same exact place I was last night but to my surprise the tree was no longer there. It had leaves and it didn’t have that source (heart/light) in the middle of it.

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