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Motat 2022






Yesterday we had attended a trip Motat, at first I had started thinking that the trip was going to be boring but to my suprise it ended off being fun. My personal highlight from Motat was just spending time with my friends and we had got taken up to a room with different experiments and my favourite one was when you hit the stick to the table and then you put it in the water and then it will course basically an e ruption.


Levitating Ball

Title: Levitating Ball



Understanding Air Pressure 


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


I think that once you place the ball on top of the hairdryer, then you turn it on and make the air come out but not that fast then it should be just floating on top of the hair drier. I think the more you crank up the air pressure the higher the ball will be above the hair drier. But I think you move around with the hairdryer on and the ball will stay at the top of the hairdryer no matter where you walk around.




Hair DrierPing Pong Ball




Firstly you will need two things which are a hairdryer and a ping pong ball and after doing that you will need to plug in the hair drier into the outlet in your house/school. After plugging it in, hold the ball just on top of the hairdryer and turn it on and the ball will start floating and make some new moves and have fun. 




L .When the hairdryer had been turned on the ball had floated above it due to the air keeping it up. I also didn’t expect it to still be floating in the air even after we turned the air pressure up. 


S . I had seen the ball floating above the hairdryer and it was fun because when I cranked up the pressure I didn’t expect it to still hover over top, it was also exciting because when I was moving the hair dryer the ball was still over the hairdryer but I thought that it was going to fall off 

M: When I used the hairdrier and ping pball and we had to start on a low heat so that the ball could kind get the hang of floating in the air. Then you can start turning the heat up and try different speeds. A higher speed made the ball go higher. The change of heat settings made no difference.




Hope you enjoy this second report and try this out if you have the equipment !

L: The air kept the ball high, even at high speeds, controlling the ball.

S: As L said, I was surprised the ball kept there at the higher speed.

M: A higher speed makes the air stronger but the heat setting made no difference.


Matariki #2

This we as I said befre we are learning and researching about matariki and we read what the stars do for us and what do the maori words mean in english. We had to go back to the text a little bit but we understood what we were meant to do and I think we did it all right.


Today I had to write my favourite lyrics and the singer and on the left shows why I like it and what my decisions says about my ideas. This was a bit hard so I just did the one’s in my head and I tried to make it different singers just to make it look better! I even tried to make one of the singers my family or even friends.

Friendship Qualities

Today logan and I had to list down some of what we think makes a good friendship on different slides but this is what we did and 4 of them were the same and only one wasn’t if you go to the next slide then you should know what ones were different and the same ones!