Year: 2022

Matariki #2

This we as I said befre we are learning and researching about matariki and we read what the stars do for us and what do the maori words mean in english. We had to go back to the text a little bit but we understood what we were meant to do and I think we did it all right.


This week my whole class has been focusing on matariki and for this activity we just had to read an article, and it had some questions that were based of what was inside of what we were reading. These were the anwsers to what we thought and if you know the right anwser please tell us.





Today for maths we were learninkg  about shapes and I made a house and a tree from glen taylor the house is basically made out of a cube and a squared pyramid. The  tree is just made out of blue tak and six tooth picks.


This is the last cybersmart I need to do which is the one for wendesday plus we just had to know how to comment. My friend Logan before had helped me know how to comment because obviously I didn’t know at first. If you wanna know how just highlight a text and click with two thingers and then look for comment than just type what you would like to!

Tuesday-Cyber Smart

This week for Tuesday cyber smart this is what I did. I basically just had to tell the reasons behind why we had to do stuff on google meet like always keeping your cam (camera) On and there are logos and boxes of texts and drag the text under the logo to see if you know what it means.


Today I had to write my favourite lyrics and the singer and on the left shows why I like it and what my decisions says about my ideas. This was a bit hard so I just did the one’s in my head and I tried to make it different singers just to make it look better! I even tried to make one of the singers my family or even friends.